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How to Create a Grateful Company Culture Year-Round

Posted by Derek Carpenter

"Be thankful" - It's a common theme this time of year and something we often hear around the office. But how do you create a grateful company culture year-round? Here are three ways you can ensure your employees feel appreciated 365 days a year!

1. Thank employees for the hard work that leads to success.

As a manager, how often do find yourself saying, "This year, I'm thankful for my team and the work they do," at the company Thanksgiving potluck? Probably, every year! But, how often are you saying this on daily or weekly basis?

Empowering your team to take initiative gives them the ability to be successful.  Whether it be as big as a major deal closed, or as small as providing great customer service, it's important to recognize success regularly. Encouragement and support from managers lets employees know you're behind them and appreciate all they do – big or small.

2. Meet with employees on a regular basis.

Think about it. How can your team know you appreciate them if you aren't communicating it on a regular basis?

Seems simple enough.

But you'd be surprised how even the most programmed managers often get caught up in daily tasks and forget to meet. It's these essential times that have to become priority to communicate with your team. Use these weekly huddles to convey what employees are doing right and how you value their work.

These meetings also shouldn't be a one-way conversation. Let your employees have the floor to communicate anything on their minds. This should be the time they feel comfortable discussing career goals, as well as any frustrations or hurdles they may be dealing with. 

3. Build relationships beyond the office. 

Having a good working relationship with your teammates is great; however, it's important to go beyond that.

Ask them questions.

During your weekly huddles, use the first 5-10 minutes to talk about what's going on in their lives outside of work.  Conversations like these will let your employees know you care about them, see them as more than your subordinate and communicate you are grateful to have them on your team.

Make it a priority to coordinate team events. It could be as simple as organizing a team lunch or buying a cake for a quick 15-minute birthday celebration.  Simple things like this not only encourage positive morale, but also help you get to know your team on a personal basis. By creating a work environment that encourages relationships, you will find that your team will be stronger and often times happier.     

For example, every year Hueman hosts a special month where we let our employees know how much we appreciate them.  We've found that by creating great employment experiences like this, we have a culture full of appreciation. 

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