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The Best Recruitment Strategies & Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Process & Attract Top Talent

Posted by Sarah Palmer

Here's an outline of our World-Class Recruitment Guide:

 Part 1, Get Prepared: How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Recruitment Process

  • Defining a new hire need
  • Creating a job candidate persona
  • Formalizing your recruitment process
  • Establishing open position pay and bonus details
  • Writing a job description for SEO

Part2, Go Live: How to Market Your Jobs Effectively

  • Building an effective recruitment marketing strategy
  • Forming your recruitment marketing team
  • Establishing recruitment marketing goals and KPI's
  • Advertising and marketing jobs
  • Distributing your jobs

We also include a toolkit with some worksheets and Q&A sheets to help you get started on creating the best recruitment practices for your company. Hueman has been recognized for more than 14 years in a Best Workplace by FORTUNE® and the Great Place to Work institute. We have spent years creating the perfect recipe for best recruitment practices and we are so excited to share our tips, tricks, and lessons with you.

Download our updated World-Class Recruitment Guide here today!

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