Webinar: Why Bad Hiring Decisions are Made and What can be Done to Reduce Turnover

Posted by Derek Carpenter

Employee turnover is a real issue that many organizations struggle with. In a recent panel webinar with the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA), talent acquisition experts discussed how bad hiring decisions are made and what can be done to combat turnover.

Hueman's Chief Operating Officer, Bill Boutwell, and other panelists discussed these issues and five questions to help avoid hiring mistakes. Check out the webinar below to learn more on these questions:

  1. What is the primary reason bad hiring decisions get made?
  2. What's the single most important thing the talent acquisition team can do to reduce employee turnover?
  3. Recommendations on the assessment process to avoid mis-hiring and technology favorites.
  4. How do you measure candidate quality? How does that correlate with future employee performance?
  5. What is the one practical tip you can offer on ensuring quality hires and avoiding mis-hires?

Check out the Webinar here!

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Topics: Recruitment Strategy, Talent Management