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Webinar Recap: Long-term Benefits and Value of an RPO Partnership

Published December 6, 2023
Explore the value of a long-term RPO partnership and the benefits of transforming talent acquisition from stabilization to optimization


Transitioning from stabilization to optimization in talent acquisition involves evolving from a stable state to a dynamic, data-driven, and strategically aligned function. It goes beyond meeting the basic recruitment requirements by striving for excellence, innovation, and adaptability in attracting and retaining top talent.  

For Baptist Health, a large healthcare system in Florida, the path to an optimized talent acquisition function led them to a strategic partnership with Hueman RPO. In our recent webinar, Michael Tatelbame, the Vice President of Talent Management from Baptist Health, engaged in an insightful discussion with Hueman's EVP of Strategic Partnerships, Derek Carpenter, on the impacts of their long-term partnership.   

Keep reading to learn the key takeaways, or watch the webinar recording here.

Stabilization vs. Optimization


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Stabilization refers to the initial phase of creating a secure and consistent framework. It involves establishing a baseline for operations, ironing out inefficiencies, and ensuring the fundamental elements are in place.  

For talent acquisition, this could mean streamlining recruitment processes, standardizing job descriptions, and implementing basic candidate assessment processes. 


Optimization marks the transition from stabilizing to actively refining and improving processes for maximum output. It involves a strategic approach to recruitment that fine-tunes every aspect of talent acquisition while seeking continuous improvement. 

In talent acquisition, optimization could encompass advanced sourcing techniques, integrating cutting-edge technology, or leveraging data analytics to drive informed decision-making. An optimized TA function enables leaders to focus on other business areas and better align with business goals.  

The Power of Partnership: Why Baptist Health Embraced RPO for Talent Acquisition Transformation 

While there are a variety of hiring solutions that can help optimize recruitment, Baptist Health’s decision to embrace Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) was driven by three pivotal factors: 

An Exclusive Focus on Talent Acquisition 

One of the key considerations was the focus an RPO partner brings to talent acquisition. Unlike internal HR teams juggling multiple responsibilities, an RPO provider is 100% dedicated to acquiring top-tier talent. This exclusive focus translates into a depth of expertise and a nuanced understanding of the dynamics in the healthcare talent market. 

Baptist Health recognized that having a partner committed to talent acquisition ensures a strategic and specialized approach. This focus allows them to stay at the forefront of industry trends, emerging technologies, and innovative recruitment strategies, providing them a competitive edge in attracting and securing the best candidates. 

Agile Scalability 

Staffing needs can fluctuate rapidly in the healthcare industry, so having the ability to scale resources up or down swiftly was a critical factor for Baptist Health. Traditional hiring models often struggle to keep pace with sudden shifts in demand, leading to understaffing or overburdened internal teams. 

An RPO partner, however, offers seamless scalability. Whether they are gearing up for a large-scale recruitment drive or navigating a period of lower demand, the RPO model allows for agile adjustments in resource allocation. Scalability ensures optimal efficiency and empowers Baptist Health to maintain a lean yet effective recruitment function. 

Expertise and Innovation 

Baptist Health acknowledged that its partnership with Hueman RPO brings a depth of expertise that extends beyond routine recruitment practices. By entrusting their talent acquisition function to a specialized partner, they gained access to a wealth of industry knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge innovations in recruitment technology. 

"Hueman brings knowledge that we just simply don't have. We've learned so much from both their healthcare and non-healthcare clients. It has allowed us to do some out-of-the-box thinking with our strategy that we wouldn't have without the partnership." Said Tatelbame.  


Reaping the Rewards: Baptist Health's Gains as They Move Towards an Optimized Talent Acquisition Function 

Though Baptist Health is currently on its journey towards optimized excellence, remarkable benefits have already unfolded thanks to its RPO partnership. 

Strategic Recruitment Advantage 

By optimizing their registered nurse recruitment efforts, Baptist Health gained a notable advantage in the competitive healthcare hiring landscape. While other hospitals grapple with nurse shortages and the resulting strain on their organization, Baptist Health has been able to shift focus to other critical positions in IT, finance, and specialized medical positions. 

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Organizations with optimized talent acquisition functions find themselves resilient and adaptable, even as the gap between healthcare talent demand and supply widens. 

Proactive Workforce Planning 

One of the most strategic advantages Baptist Health has gained is the ability to strategize proactively and project future workforce needs. Armed with data-driven insights and a finely tuned understanding of their talent pipeline, they can forecast staffing requirements and anticipate industry trends. 

"We have the time and the capacity to sit down with our operational leaders, think beyond today's needs, and truly optimize and project the workforce needs throughout the year. When we were in that stabilization mode, we were just glad we could post the position after receiving the request," said Tatelbame. 

Exceptional Team Member Experiences 

By moving closer to an optimized TA function, the leaders at Baptist Health have been able to prioritize fulfilling brand promises, implementing employee engagement and retention initiatives, and solidifying their status as the employer of choice. 

“Thanks to our partnership, we’ve created efficiencies and consistent processes that allow us to focus on creating exceptional team member experiences. We’re able to take a step back and think about our brand and improving experiences, which we could never have done if we were in the stabilization phase.” 


Additional Benefits of RPO


Choosing the Right RPO Partner: Insights from Baptist Health 

When asked what advice he would give to leaders shopping around for an RPO partner, Tatelbame shared two key considerations that guided Baptist Health’s journey to choosing Hueman RPO: 

How Does the RPO Partner Align with Your Values and Culture?  

One fundamental piece of advice Tatelbame shared was the importance of finding an RPO provider with values and culture similar to your organization's. Choosing an RPO partner that truly understands your organization ensures a seamless integration of external resources where they become a true extension of your internal team. 

Hueman’s culture and values are so aligned with ours,” explained Tatelbame. “So, thanks to our partnership, we now have dedicated recruiters who understand the Baptist culture and provide that positive experience to candidates.” 

Do they offer Flexible and Tailored RPO Solutions? 

In the dynamic landscape of TA, flexibility is an invaluable asset. Tatelbame stressed the significance of finding an RPO provider that can adapt strategies and processes to: 

  • Organizational needs: A flexible RPO provider understands that each company has different challenges, goals, and nuances in talent acquisition and can tailor their solutions to meet specific needs.  
  • Market changes: A good RPO provider will help you maintain your competitive edge by quickly responding to economic shifts, technological advancements, and industry trends.  
  • Fluctuating demands: Hiring needs often change due to seasonal or unforeseen events. Access to an RPO partner’s scalable solutions allows you to adjust resources swiftly to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


The shift from stabilization to optimization is not just a destination but a continuous journey of evolution, innovation, and proactive adaptation to an ever-evolving talent landscape. 

If you’d like to learn more about how the right RPO partnership can elevate your talent acquisition strategies, watch the full webinar recording here or contact us to connect with a member of our team.  

About Baptist Health  

Baptist Health is a health system headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, comprising seven hospitals, 200 patient access points of care, and 50 primary care offices throughout North Florida and Southeast Georgia. The organization is committed to a locally governed, not-for-profit structure and is dedicated to living out its mission and values daily.   

As VP of Talent Management, Michael Tatelbame oversees recruitment and onboarding, employee and leadership development, culture, engagement, and team member experience.  


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