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Why Understanding Talent Acquisition is Important for Hiring Managers

Published April 22, 2019
Recruitment focuses on short-term needs when filling a position. Talent acquisition (TA) is a more strategic approach to hiring and focuses on culture fit more than hiring for skills and experience. 

Talent acquisition means thinking big picture about company values. It helps you build an understanding of your candidates from a culture-based perspective—how do their ideals fit your company's ideals? 

The talent acquisition team is responsible for sourcing, recruiting, attracting, interviewing, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill the roles required to meet company goals and project requirements. However, the interview process is often in the hands of the hiring manager. They are responsible for assessment and ensuring the candidate is the right fit for the company and position.

Why is TA important for hiring managers?

TA covers every step of the hiring process, from crafting a job description and sourcing, to recruiting, interviewing, screening, hiring, and onboarding a candidate.

Talent acquisition specialists are continuously on the prowl for top talent. While a TA specialist can help find an ideal candidate, the hiring manager must do their part in assessing their character and skills. Assessing soft skills and using behavior-based interview questions will help you discover whether or not the candidate will be a good fit with your company culture.

Cultural fit is a critical component in building a great place to work. Your hiring and retention strategy can suffer if a candidate's values don't align with your company's core values. Anyone involved in the hiring process must understand the company culture and its significance. 

To learn about interview strategies beyond the standard and how they can help you choose the ideal candidate, check out our ebook: How to Find the Right Cultural Fit for Your Company.
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