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Webinar Recap: Enhancing Internal Talent Acquisition Through External Expertise

Published April 11, 2024
How Adventist Healthcare enhanced their talent acquisition and overcame healthcare hiring challenges and reduced travel nurses with external expertise.

Talent acquisition in the healthcare industry is marked by intense competition for talent and an ongoing need to swiftly adapt to changing markets and needs. Adventist Healthcare's experience mirrors the industry's challenges, where traditional recruitment approaches often fall short.  

In Becker’s recent webinar, Adventist’s VP of HR and Technology engaged in a candid conversation with Hueman’s VP of RPO and the EVP of Strategic Partnerships to discuss the challenges that led them to partner with Hueman, strategies implemented, and tangible outcomes achieved.  

Scroll down to keep reading or watch the webinar recording:  


What Led Adventist to Consider External Talent Acquisition Solutions  

Filling hard-to-fill positions was the first challenge that led Adventist Healthcare to look externally for recruiting support. They initially addressed this need with short-term solutions. However, the organization's need for outside expertise grew as their turnover rates soared to 25%, internal recruiter roles were left vacant, and the realization that they lacked the essential tools for effective talent acquisition sank in. 

Adventist Healthcare's challenges were further intensified by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these unprecedented obstacles, the organization prioritized talent acquisition, demonstrating their resilience and commitment to stabilizing staff, boosting engagement, and effectively navigating through the pandemic challenges. 

Why Adventist Healthcare Chose RPO  

Adventist's decision to opt for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) stemmed from a strategic evaluation of their recruitment needs and the potential benefits offered by an external partner. They valued the flexibility of blending internal recruitment capabilities with an RPO partner's specialized expertise and resources.  

With an RPO partner, Adventist could access a range of tools and technologies that may have been cost-prohibitive or time-consuming to acquire and integrate in-house. These tools included cutting-edge recruitment software, robust analytics platforms, and industry insights that could significantly enhance recruitment outcomes. 


The Decision to Partner with Hueman RPO 

One of the primary reasons for choosing Hueman RPO was the strong cultural fit between the two organizations. Hueman deeply understood Adventist Healthcare's values, mission, and unique recruitment challenges, making them an ideal partner to support their talent acquisition initiatives.    

"We don’t look at Hueman as a vendor; we look at them as a partner and an extension of our team." - Carlos Vargas, VP of HR and Technology, Adventist Healthcare 

Hueman's capabilities, flexibility in providing custom recruitment solutions, and seamless integration with Adventist's culture and processes further solidified their partnership. 


Navigating Internal Concerns About an External Partner 

Carlos shared his concerns regarding job security while considering an external provider. However, by clearly communicating the reasons behind the RPO partnership, existing employees viewed Hueman as an asset rather than a threat to their positions.  Building trust, encouraging open dialogue, and achieving goal alignment were crucial in integrating the two organizations into a partnership. 


How Adventist Overcame Hiring Challenges with Hueman 

Navigating the complexities of healthcare staffing can be daunting, especially amidst unprecedented challenges like those brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's discuss some of the strategies that helped Adventist overcome hiring obstacles, achieve remarkable results, and streamline their talent acquisition processes.

Seamless Technology Integrations 

Optimizing processes and expanding recruitment avenues to meet evolving demands was critical. The integration of external expertise into their internal systems, including the rapid setup of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) within three months, exemplified the agility and collaborative spirit essential in navigating turbulent times.  

Hueman also quickly integrated with other existing systems, such as Workday, to quickly ramp up solutions. This integration not only streamlined processes but also facilitated targeted recruitment efforts, leading to efficient hiring practices and a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. 


Surge Staffing Strategies

Traditional Internal-External Recruitment 

This approach blended internal and external recruitment strategies to identify critical roles and execute a streamlined process to swiftly fill them. Central to this strategy was maintaining a consistent approach across various entities within the healthcare system, with specialized recruiters focusing on critical areas such as operating rooms. 

By adopting this entity-wide recruitment strategy, Hueman RPO facilitated seamless collaboration and ensured that candidates were effectively matched with suitable opportunities within the healthcare system, aligning with their skills, experience, and career aspirations. 

Implementing a Tier-Three Float Pool 

This strategy involved seamlessly integrating nurses' preferences and needs into recruitment, marketing, and communication strategies, effectively attracting nurses to the job opportunities 

The tier-three float pool provided a flexible and supportive environment for nurses who were transitioning back into the workforce, offering a "soft landing" to acclimate to Adventist Healthcare's environment, policies, and procedures. This approach not only enhanced nurse engagement but also contributed to reducing the organization's reliance on travel nurses, thereby optimizing costs and ensuring a steady, high-quality workforce. 

Taking a "One-Stop Shop" Approach

Adventist took proactive steps to streamline the hiring process by implementing a localized system. This innovative approach involved the creation of a pop-up clinic specifically designed for medical assessments, IT configurations, and badging. This streamlined process facilitated a "one way in, one way out" approach, ensuring a swift and efficient onboarding experience for nurses.

Travel Nurse Reduction Program 

Adventist Healthcare's need to formalize a reduction program was driven by critical financial considerations and the imperative to ensure sustainable operations. The state-level reimbursement mechanisms in Maryland further added to the financial complexities, leaving minimal room for error or financial strain. 

The temporary relief provided by federal aid was crucial, however, once this aid was lifted, the system faced immense challenges. Adventist was spending a staggering $10 million per month on travel nurses.  

The potential consequences, such as closing units or being unable to provide essential care to patients, underscored the urgent need for an aggressive reduction in travel nurse reliance. 

Marketing Initiatives to Engage Nurses 

One of the standout initiatives discussed was the "Welcome Home" program aimed at converting travel nurses into long-term assets for Adventist Health and Howard University Hospital. This program not only welcomed these nurses back to familiar grounds but also focused on offering them compelling packages and engaging experiences that aligned with their career aspirations.  

A key component of the program's success was the understanding nurses' needs and preferences, highlighting the importance of crafting personalized approaches to effectively attract and retain them. This approach not only resonated with nurses but also contributed significantly to building lasting relationships and fostering a sense of belonging within the healthcare organizations. 

Tracking Systems for Enhanced Communication 

The program's success was further enhanced by a robust tracker system that enabled the recruitment team to follow up with interested nurses promptly. Consistent communication with floor leadership also played a crucial role in building strong relationships and understanding the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. 


Key Partnership Results   

Since the inception of the partnership in 2017, Hueman has facilitated 3,000 hires annually across 500+ hiring managers. This collaboration adopts a hybrid model, with talent acquisition leadership from both Hueman and Adventist. The internal recruiters at Adventist work in tandem with Hueman recruiters, fostering a seamless and productive recruitment environment.

During the expansion of the partnership amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the collective efforts yielded remarkable outcomes:

Key Outcomes:

  • Achieved a $48 million reduction in traveler premiums.
  • Witnessed a 35% decrease in open RN roles.
  • Successfully hired 50 new RNs.
  • Experienced a substantial 61% decrease in traveler usage.

The significant reduction in premium labor costs, amounting to nearly $50 million, enabled Adventist Healthcare to reignite growth strategies that had been temporarily halted due to financial constraints stemming from the pandemic. This renewed focus on growth initiatives marked a positive shift in the organization's trajectory.



Aligned Talent Acquisition Across the Health System 

Hueman's talent acquisition directors work closely with Adventist hospitals and entities to create tailored recruitment plans aligned with broader organizational goals and objectives. 

A vital aspect of the partnership is ensuring that Adventist leadership fully understands and supports the recruitment model and strategy. This collaboration goes beyond daily operations and extends to overarching strategic plans. Hueman and Adventist leaders work closely to ensure a cohesive and practical approach to talent acquisition. 


From Recruiters to Leaders: A Culture of Commitment

What sets this integration apart is the journey of Hueman's talent acquisition directors, who started their careers as recruiters within the partnership. Their hands-on experience in making hires and understanding the intricacies of the recruitment process have been instrumental in driving success.   

This journey reflects the shared commitment of both Adventist Healthcare and Hueman to employee engagement and fostering a culture of growth and development.  


Continued Talent Acquisition Wins 

The partnership has evolved to include two talent acquisition leadership positions from Hueman, overseeing all aspects of talent acquisition. This integration has fostered a cohesive team dynamic between Hueman and Adventist.

Over the past two years, the collaborative relationship has contributed to a 30% annual reduction in total openings. In 2023, Adventist further streamlined requisitions, achieving nearly a 50% reduction.

About Adventist Healthcare 

Adventist Healthcare, a Maryland based health system, has three acute care hospitals and two rehabilitation hospitals. They also manage Howard University Hospital which operates in the District of Columbia. Adventist’ has a 115-year history in Maryland. Their commitment to excellence has earned them recognition as one of the top workplaces, along with a prestigious Leapfrog Safety Grade A. 

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