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Navigating the First 16 Weeks of Your RPO Partnership

Published October 6, 2023
Business associates at rpo strategy meeting

Embarking on a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partnership is a strategic decision that can transform your talent acquisition strategy. Once you've chosen the right RPO partner, it's essential to understand the process of partnership implementation and what you can expect. This blog takes you on a journey of the first 16 weeks of partnership with Hueman RPO.  

Week 1 – 6: RPO Implementation Process 

The first six weeks set the stage for a successful partnership. It's a period of trust-building, process optimization, and partnership planning that ensures we align perfectly with your unique needs. 

Dedicated Implementation Team 

Hueman's dedicated implementation team takes the lead on the process to minimize the time commitment from your internal team. This approach lets your team focus on their core responsibilities while we handle the heavy lifting. Our implementation team aims to gain a deep understanding of your values and the culture that drives your success. 


During this phase, we gather relevant information and review the existing recruitment infrastructure, marketing strategies, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and reporting mechanisms. We can then identify areas where we can implement best practices and achieve efficiency. 


Once we gather the necessary information, we propose a detailed recruitment plan, identifying who will be responsible for each step and the timeline. We also establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure the success of the process and define a communication plan to ensure stakeholders remain well-informed.  

Team Training & Onsite Visit  

Hueman recruiters aren't just outsourced recruiters. They undergo extensive training to ensure they are well-versed in your requirements, expectations, and industry nuances. To further solidify our partnership, an onsite visit by Hueman's Delivery Team and Executive Sponsor is scheduled. This visit offers face-to-face interactions, relationship building, and a deeper dive into your organization's culture. 

Testing and Readiness 

Our team conducts rigorous testing before we begin recruiting to ensure we are fully prepared to deliver exceptional results. This includes testing all systems, processes, and communication channels to identify and resolve potential issues. 

Weeks 6 – 9: RPO Program Launch 

At this point, you've laid the groundwork for your RPO program, and it's time to dive into the heart of the partnership. Here's what you can expect during this pivotal period: 

Recruitment Transition 

The transition of your requisitions to dedicated Hueman recruiters signifies the official commencement of your RPO program. This crucial handover ensures that your talent acquisition needs are in the capable hands of experts exclusively focused on sourcing, engaging, and attracting top talent for your organization. With this transfer, you'll experience the benefits of having a dedicated RPO team working tirelessly to fill your open positions efficiently and effectively. 

In-Take Meetings  

During these meetings, your dedicated Hueman recruiters will meet with your hiring managers to define the requirements and expectations for each open position. These discussions also establish the candidate persona – covering aspects such as role responsibilities, desired qualifications, cultural fit, and unique preferences.  

Frequent Feedback 

We actively seek input and insights from your hiring managers to help fine-tune our recruitment strategy and ensure it aligns with your expectations. Our priorities during this phase include continuous innovation and process improvement to deliver world-class recruitment. 

Reporting and Alignment  

Transparency is key to the success of our partnership, which is why we provide weekly and monthly reports with comprehensive insights into your recruitment performance. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and track the success of our partnership.  

Weeks 10 – 15: Reaping the Benefits 

As we enter the second half of the initial 16 weeks of the partnership, your organization will see the hard work invested in the early stages begin to yield tangible results.  

Hiring Phase 

At this point in your RPO partnership, our recruitment engine is running smoothly, and your dedicated recruiters have honed in on their skills. Offers are extended to qualified candidates, and the hiring process is in full swing. This phase marks the transition from identifying potential talent to bringing them on board.  

Efficiency Gains  

During this phase, you'll notice improvements in recruitment processes and how candidates are sourced, screened, and selected. These efficiencies translate into time and cost savings, allowing your team to focus on other responsibilities and strategic initiatives.  

Continuous Improvement 

Collaboration between your HR team and Hueman remains at the forefront through communication touchpoints established in implementation. These ongoing meetings provide a forum for feedback, evaluation, and fine-tuning of recruitment processes.  

Weeks 16 and Beyond: RPO Partnership Excellence   

As your partnership progresses well beyond the initial phases, you will experience the value of a long-term RPO partnership with Hueman.  

Quality, Value, and Culture-Driven Hires  

One of the most noticeable results is the consistent presentation of top-quality candidates. Our partnership focuses on aligning with your company's culture, ensuring that each new hire possesses the required skills and fits seamlessly into your organization. 

World-Class Service  

Candidates and hiring managers alike will enjoy a world-class service experience. Hueman will continue to provide a positive candidate experience while creating a seamless process for hiring managers. 

Cost Savings  

Process efficiencies will be in full swing, leading to a decline in your cost per hire and a reduction in time to fill. This strategic approach to talent acquisition will continue to yield cost savings and operational efficiency for the life of our partnership.  

Brand Enhancement  

Elevated recruitment strategies can enhance employer branding, employer value proposition (EVP), and brand perception. This contributes to an extensive talent pool that aligns with your values and culture and a positive brand reputation in the job market. 

Future-Proofed Workforce 

Hueman will continue to leverage industry data, technology, and our expertise to pivot your talent acquisition strategy accordingly. These insights support workforce planning and ensure your process remains agile, competitive, and responsive to market conditions.  

Strategic Collaboration 

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with key stakeholders and leadership will remain a cornerstone of your partnership. These meetings foster a collaborative relationship that grows more efficient and trusting over time.  

A long-term partnership with Hueman RPO can transform your talent acquisition function into a strategic hiring powerhouse. Choosing the right recruiting solution for your organization is paramount as an HR leader. If RPO is right for your organization, contact us today to discuss how we can help with your unique hiring needs. 

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